BEE is a National Government objective to redress the inequalities of the apartheid past. Love it or hate it is here for the foreseeable future.

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act and the codes are continuously being tinkered with and amended that creates confusion as the goals are constantly being changed.

Further to the love it or hate it view taken by business owners, many are eager to implement BEE whilst some of you may begrudgingly be implementing BEE. That is not our concern but the challenge we note with most owners is that implementing BEE can be very costly and trigger major taxes and in many instances result in the business owner parting with a substantial part of their business for no value alternatively not receiving value for the implementation of BEE.

At Delgado & Associates Inc we have pioneered and innovated methods and mechanisms to achieve BEE compliance in the spirit and letter of the law that do not trigger taxes and ensure that the BEE participants are empowered and the owner of the target business receives value for the implementation of BEE.

All the clients that we meet after introducing our proposals are willing and eager to implement BEE.

We have effectively eliminated the love / hate relationship with BEE by ensuring that all parties rights are satisfactorily met.