Our Practice Areas

Asset Transfers

When transferring ownership of any asset, it is important that it is managed and structured correctly and the Delgado & Associates Inc team are professional and experienced ensuring the best care and management of the transfer.

B.E.E. structures

To be compliant in the verification of one’s BEE status and points, require the specialised structures we put into place which could include preferential share agreement, partnership agreements, establishing new companies and charitable trusts – all of which we specialize in.

Commercial Agreements

Commercial agreements are complex and handle serious matters and when structuring these agreements one must ensure that they are legally sound.

Company Regsitrations

Delgado & Associates Inc will ensure that your company is correctly structured and registered with CIPC.


When one buys or sells an asset, the handling of the transfer from a legal standpoint must be correctly addressed and Delgado & Associates Inc have a strong pool of experience with which to handle your conveyancing needs.

Deceased Estates

Ask any family member or friend who was appointed as executor of an estate and who attempted to administer such, if they found it a walk-in-the-park!

The law relating to administration of estate in South Africa has been developed over years and primarily ensures protection to both creditors and beneficiaries. In order to provide this protection, numerous procedures have to be followed which are of necessity, but time consuming, and it is not always possible to provide an accurate estimate of the time the administration of a particular estate is likely to take, as this will depend upon the nature and extend of the estate, the information and documentation provided by the next of kin and any unforeseen complications.

Years of professional experience ensures this task is accomplished with the minimum of fuss and time. Costs can be negotiated and adjusted.

Notarial Services

Delgado & Associates Inc offers notarial services for its clients when needed.


One of the most important documents you’ll ever have is your desires for your assets, your body and your wishes in the event of your passing away.

We will carefully structure your last will and testament to ensure that your wishes are carried out when you’re not there to oversee them.